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Brick Ledge ~BLEM~

$23.00 $25.00

This Brick Ledge had a small imperfection; the back of the top material did not completely cover the back piece of the ledge. This does not affect performance at all and is simply cosmetic. This is a great way to snag a great ledge for a discounted price!

We revamped our Brick Ledge so it's better than ever! This ledge is incredibly realistic and looks great in fingerboard parks/videos.  

- Each brick is molded by us and inidvidually handpainted to have a rustic and weathered appearance.

- The top surface is very smooth and features a rounded edge in the front to help lock in grinds and slides.

- The back of the ledge does not have bricks, allowing it to sit flush against a wall in a park.  This also allows you to add your own grafiti or personalization to it!

- The dimensions are nicely proportioned to a fingerboard, not only makingi it more realistic, but also making the variety of combos endless.


Length: 11 3/4' 

Width: 3" 

Height: 1 3/4"

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