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Check out these unboxings and reviews from past customers. If you have an unboxing or review please send it in an email addressed to: Each unboxing will receive a 10% discount, each review will receive a 15% discount and if you make both you will receive 25% off one (1) product of your choice.

Written Reviews: 

Urban Ledge Review by: EJ (@TheFingerboardQueen on Instagram)

"So first off I’m blown away by how clean this thing is! It just looks and feels amazing! The box itself measures 8 inches long, 2 inches high and 2 inches wide, making it the perfect size for any desk or fingerboard park or even to throw in your bag for on the go seshing! The box is made from a wooden base with a black top made from the same material that is used in ski/snowboard terrain parks. It arrived super fast to the UK just over a week and came with non sliders and 6 vinyl stickers. I decided not to use the non sliders but I used sticky tack instead. (Just a personal preference). Right out of the box the ledge was smooth and sleek and ready to go! For only $14 I couldn’t have bought a better ledge. Overall I’d give the ledge 9/10! My only improvement would be a slightly wider range for more manual fun! I’d also love to see a second height maybe a lower and wider one? Great work Freestyle Fingerboards!

Brick Ledge Review by: Michael Y.

"Received the brick ledge a couple of days ago. Excellent craftsmanship I must say. Both sides of the ledge are skateable, with one side being rounded, and the other flat. The back of the ledge is also wooden, perfect for self customization (I drew on mine). This ledge exhibits a very sturdy construction, and is definitely a must have for every fingerboarder, beginner or experienced. Overall great products 9.5/10"

Video Reviews:

Youtube user Jo Ca Fingerboarding reviews the Grass Gap Box! Check out his channel here:

Bernie B's review on the Low Quarter, Pool Coping Ledge, Grass Gap Box, and Graphic Emulsion Tape. Check out his channel: here:


Anthony M's unboxing of the Urban Ledge - Galaxy Edition.

Check out his Instagram: @kardiakarrest

Johan B unboxes the Mauka Lani Ledge. 

He says "I have to say it is fire! It is absolutely what I wanted in a ledge, and it feels good when I ride it. I love the stone finish it has and the marble, just everything. Thank you! I'm really happy. If you are thinking of buying a ledge or ramp, I fully recommend Freestyle Fingerboards."

Check out his Instagram: @fingerbdude

Check out the support coming all the way from the UK - EJ's Urban Ledge unboxing! Check out her Instagram: @TheFingerboardQueen

Need entertainment? Check out Nathan M's City Bench unboxing. Follow him on Instagram: @prawnzerfb

Dillan Owens' unboxing of a Kicker and an Urban Ledge - Galaxy Edition.

Check out YouTube user KimmyFB's unboxing of an Urban Ledge. She also received a free Kicker for ordering during our Free Kicker Sale. Check out her channel here:

YouTube user Jo Ca Fingerboarding unboxes the Grass Gap Box! Check out his channel here:

Geraldine M's unboxing of the Up Box and Park Bench! Check out her channel here: and follow her on Instagram: @ieatfingerboards

Geraldine M's unboxing of the Special Edition 4th of July Pool Coping ledge and Kicker Set! Check out her channel here: and follow her on Instagram: @ieatfingerboards

Geraldine M's unboxing of the Limited Edition Shark Fin Manual Pad and Brick Ledge! Check out her channel here: and follow her on Instagram: @ieatfingerboards

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