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We teamed up with Rushwoods to bring Freestyle Aperture Wheels to life.


These Dual Core wheels were designed by team rider, Erin Boylan and are 7mm 65D and have a purple outer color and white inner core.


Each wheel is handmade in Bali. We worked closely with the Rushwoods team to design the size, durometer, and color of each wheel. Wheels are 100% urethane and have an auto-lock abec 9 bearing system. Wheels will spin more and more with use as you break them in.


Each set of wheels comes packaged in a branded box with Freestyle, Rushwoods, and Erin's Signature Stickers.


10% of sales will go to Erin, so show some love and rep his Signatures!

Freestyle Aperture Wheels - f/7 Cores - Orchid - Erin Boylan Signatures

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