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*This item is available for PRE ORDER. Once your order is received, your Freestyle Plaza will be built within 14 days. Thank you for your patience!


If you can't decide on a single obstacle to pick up, then the Freestyle Plaza is perfect for you. This plaza features everything from a kinked shotgun hand rail, a 6 stair set, and euro gap. Perfect for pulling off different combos and lines.


The 2 sections of the Plaza are connected by two pieces of industrial strength velcro on the inner portion of the obstacle. If you ever only want to shred one side, you can remove the other by pulling apart the 2 sections. To put the Plaza back together, simply align the 2 velcro sections and push until they connect.



Length: Apx. 21"

Width: Apx. 8 3/4"

Height: 3"

Freestyle Plaza ~PRE ORDER~

Expected to ship within 14 days
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