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Emulsion Tape - Album Pack


Freestyle Fingerboards is proud to present Emulsion Tape. After prototyping several different materials this final product is a clear winner. It has the perfect balance of being grippy while still being extremeley comfortable on the fingers. The Graphic Emulsion Tape features a vintage camera printed on the top. The dimensions for each piece of tape is 110mmx40mm and 1mm thick; fitting any size fingerboard. Each tape order comes packaged in an actual black and white photography film canister with a Freestyle Emulsion Tape graphic wrapped around it.

Try all three versions of Freestyle Emulsion Tape at a discounted rate!  Each pack contains 1 sheet of Logo Emulsion Tape, 1 sheet of Emulsion Tape, and 1 sheet of Graphic Emulsion Tape. Personalize your album by selecting a color for the Logo Emulsion Tape sheet in the dropdown menu below.


The sheet of Graphic and Logo Emulsion Tape will wear with use.  We recommend using these sheets on less-used or display setups. 

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